Marj and Gregory Peck in "MacArthur"



"All My Children, on All My Children!"
Josh Duhamel, Sam Page and Vincent Irizarry who was also my son on Guiding Light.
Photo courtesy of Robin Platzer, Twin Images.
Marj with James Mitchell, AMC's Palmer Cortlandt.
AMC's Fun loving Walt Willey and I,   "The Family That Preys Together"
at one of his stand-up comedy gigs in NYCity.   Josh Duhamel & Vincent Irizarry
With All My Children costar Laura Allen, Warming up with AMC buddy, Jennifer Bassey
at The 2001 Emmy Awards ceremony. before an All My Children benefit at Arci's Place.
"Grande Dames"   "A son any mother could love!"
Ruth Warrick and I   "My Josh".......Duhamel.
With Julia Barr and Michael E. Knight More AMC Fanclub adventures,
at the 2000 AMC Fanclub luncheon. with Susan Lucci and Vincent Irizarry.
Here I am on Guiding Light as the dynamically influential Alex Spaulding, introducing my
old buddy Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to my nephew Philip, played by Grant Aleksander.
Ron Raines and I Jay Hammer, Rick Hurst and Sonja Satra
Longtime pals from The Guiding Light. More Guiding Light costars.
This is a scene from Good Will, a recent play I did at The Directors
Company in New York, with actress Dana Reeve, wife of Christopher.
Cast shot from "The Tale Of The Allergist's Wife" with Paula Prentiss,
Barbara Winters Pinto, David Hedison and my buddy Pat Sellers over my shoulder.
This show was performed in August, 2002 at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts.
Here's a familiar face. It's John Callahan, guest Angela Lansbury AKA Jessica Fletcher. What
starring with me on an episode of Murder, She an honor and pleasure it was to work with her.
Wrote, where he played the unfortunate victim.  
Kevin McCarthy with me, on another episode Actor Keir Dulea, best known to most as Dave the
of Murder, She Wrote called "Ever After." Astronaut in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. This and
  the two shots above are from the episode "Test Of Wills."
Captiol memories with Catherine Hickland and Constance Towers
Playing Liz Tennant in Pendulum,
with Richard Kiley and George Peppard.

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