Tips: By pressing anywhere on this Real Player with your mouse and choosing Preferences, you can adjust settings on your Real Player to buffer the entire clip up to available memory before showing; or chose to buffer up to any amount for a shorter download time. The first option, though one must have patience during loading time allows for a more highly quality clip on a low bandwidth or regular server connection. The second option; buffering by a designated amount of time in seconds, will cause the audio to stop and have to rebuffer to continue playing during high traffic times on the web.

You can get your FREE RealPlayer 8 Basic or upgrade your existing one, by clicking below.

Scroll to the middle of the page and you'll see the FREE RealPlayer 8 Basic player in the middle of the grey bar. They hide the download link to it under the Real Player Plus they would like to try and sell you for $19.99. I suggest you DO NOT click the options boxes to receive email updates, Spinner or Real Download when you're prompted for the download.


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